FAQ: Villages of Fruitland Park

This page is under construction—when it is finished it will list the latest “facts” about the Villages at Fruitland Park development that are released by the developer.

It will only update as new numbers are announced.

Keep in mind we aren’t the definitive source for this information. We certainly don’t speak for The Villages and development “facts” change all the time.

This is a “static” page—which means it changes only when new facts come out. Individual news stories about those facts are shown on the news page.

The “targets” announced so far for development of The Villages of Fruitland Park include:

The Site

The Pine Ridge Dairy, which fronts on C.R. 466-A from the Sumter County line (and the edge of The Villages) about one mile east to Timbertop Road.

Development Plans:
2,038 homes total