City to Set Priorities for Street Repair

Image of Berckman Street at Dixie Ave.

The city’s eastern gateway intersection—Berckman Street and Dixie Avenue—needs repair soon.

City commissioners asked Public Works Director Dale Bogle to develop a five-year plan to repave city streets and repair sidewalks during the commission’s Capital Improvements Workshop session Saturday.

When City Manager Gary La Vinia asked commissioners to consider which street improvements need to be made first, Bogle pulled out his list—which includes every street in the city.

Community Development Director Charlie Rector asked commissioners to set a budget cap so Bogle can prioritize needs more cost-effectively, but Mayor Chris Bell counter-offered.

Commissioners agreed with the mayor, and directed Bogle to develop a prioritized list starting with the most needy projects.

Commissioners all but dropped street repair from the city’s current budget due to lack of funds.

Yet some city streets badly need the work.

The corner of Berckman Street at Dixie Ave.—the city’s eastern gateway intersection—is a hodgepodge of aging pavement and asphalt patches where school kids have to dodge puddles of water whenever it rains.

Worse, Berckman Street’s clay underlayment is eroding. And Dixie Ave., which shows three layers of asphalt paving in places, is a county road.

“We’re going to have some problems if we get heavy rains this Spring,” Bogle told commissioners.

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