New MSA Air Packs for Fire Rescue Will Cost City $70,000

Image of MSA Air Pak

Lightweight, portable emergency equipment allows first responders to see and breathe under hazardous conditions

Fruitland Park Fire Rescue Chief David Borst told city commissioners at Saturday’s Capital Projects workshop session that his department will need $70,000 soon to acquire new MSA Air Packs—lightweight equipment that allows first responders to see and breathe under their most hazardous conditions.

“We’ve talked about this for three years,” Borst told commissioners.

“It’s a large purchase item that comes out of our Capital Improvements fund, and it’s a ‘have to’ for the 2014-2015 budget,” Borst said.

Borst said commissioners need to plan to replace the department’s main fire engine—Engine 56—in the city’s 2016-2017 budget.

With steadily increasing use, the emergency vehicle will outlast its designed lifespan in two more years.

“That’s our main engine and we are increasing our calls by eight to 10 percent a month now,” Borst told commissioners. He did not suggest a cost range.

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