Police Chief Wants Paperless Fingerprint Equipment

Image of Chief Terry Isaacs

Fruitland Park Police Chief Terry Isaacs

Police Chief Terry Isaacs told city commissioners on Saturday that the department’s fingerprint equipment is obsolete.

“Everyone’s going paperless,” Isaacs told commissioners. “However, our fingerprint system is still ink. It’s not being accepted by anybody. They want it computerized,” Isaacs said.

Isaacs talked with vendors at law enforcement conferences recently and told commissioners digital fingerprint equipment will cost the city $3,000 to $5,000.

Commissioners told Isaacs to add the equipment purchase to this year’s budget request.

Fort Lauderdale’s police department uses digital fingerprinting as a profit center—many employers require background checks, so Fort Lauderdale police charge job seekers $10 to electronically scan and transmit digital prints for processing by the FBI or the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Fort Lauderdale Detective DeAnna Garcia told Sun-Sentinel Staff writer Wayne K. Roustan in October, 2012 that the equipment is about the size of a tissue box. The Broward Sheriff’s Office and the Broward County School District had previously adopted paperless fingerprinting, Roustan reported.

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