Commissioner Gunter Appointed to League of Cities’ Local Option Gas Tax Working Group

John Gunter is the commission's longest-serving member.

John Gunter is the commission’s longest-serving member.

Veteran city commissioner John Gunter was appointed to represent Fruitland Park on the League of Cities’ Local Option Gas Tax Working Group.

Mayor Chris Bell, who serves as President of the Lake League of Cities, said Gunter would best represent the city on the Working Group, which will explore whether a countywide five-cent gas tax will raise sufficient money to repave county roads that need resurfacing.

Vice Mayor Al Goldberg quickly introduced a motion and Commissioner Cheshire seconded it. There was no discussion, Mayor Bell called the question and the vote was decided in about five seconds.

Lake County Public Works Director Jim Stivender told county commissioners last November that many county roads require resurfacing and other repairs.

The county has budgeted $2 million for road work, but Stivender told commissioners needed road repairs will cost an estimated $18 million and the longer the county puts off the repairs the more they will cost.

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