Hometown Christmas Fun For Kids, Parents Too

Image of Santa with two kids

City Treasurer Tanette Gayle and son Memphis with Santa Claus

Santa was there with Mrs. Claus—the real ones, not those shopping mall lookalikes—and the line of kids with parents in tow snaked all the way out to the street.

Line for Santa

The rain was just a mist, the line wasn’t that long, and some up quality time with Santa awaited more than 400 youngsters at Hometown Christmas

The bonfire glowed despite the almost-inclement weather and it looked like every youngster in Fruitland Park under the age of 12 or so was having a good time on the front lawn of City Hall last night.

Image of Bounce House

The hard part to managing the Hometown Christmas Bounce House? Keeping the dads out.

Official estimates weren’t available but at least 300 youngsters and their parents enjoyed Hometown Christmas on Fruitland Park Tuesday evening.

Image of Tip The Cup game

The little girl on daddy’s arm is about to win a stuffed lion and her smile is delightful. The picture, alas, is a blur. Please apply your imagination.

Santa declined to talk to the press—”he’s in the news too much already,” Mrs. Claus confided—but Community Development Director Charlie Rector said the jolly old man enjoyed his visit to The Friendly City and plans to return on Christmas Eve.

Hometown Christmas is an annual event in Fruitland Park and the highlight of the year for many of the city’s best workers, most of whom were on hand for the event with their children.

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