Joyce’s Courtside Pub, Inverness

Image of exterior of pub

At Joyce’s Courtside Pub in Inverness our idiot photographer is oblivious to his own reflection.

Joyce’s Courtside Pub
203 Courthouse Square, Inverness, FL 34450
(352) 419-7909


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This is one of our favorite places. They specialize in Florida-brewed craft beers from Swamphead Brewery in Gainesville, Cigar City in Tampa, and three or four craft breweries in Jacksonville, with an occasional aspirant from the hinterlands.

This is not a place to drink to excess at $5 a pop, but works in our favor, we love the country road adventure. And they don’t serve any food here either, although Mike the bartender will occasionally open a bag of pretzels.

You can order in from a half dozen restaurants in the area, including pizza, Italian, Nouvelle American gourmet, Stumpknocker’s huge menu, even Subway, and Mike has friends who make authentic food in the style of the Philippines, but you have to go pick it up.

Our favorite is Stumpknocker’s, as detailed elsewhere.

The Back Roads from Fruitland Park:

Take 466A (Miller St.) west to U.S. 301, turn left or south about half a mile to 44A, cross the RR tracks, the road turns right for a few hundred yards then left and you’re headed westerly, turn right at the first road (CR 217, the cemetery sign), about a mile north and it dead-ends into CR 232, turn left, then take your next right on CR 221. Proceed north about two miles to E. C.R. 462 and turn left. It jogs to the right, then back to the left, and takes you straight to S.R. 44, also called the Gulf-to-Lake Highway, which takes you straight into Inverness past the Old Courthouse. Joyce’s faces the Old Courthouse.

Before you get to Inverness, look for Gospel Island Road on your right at the Hess Station. Turn right there and it takes you the back way into Inverness, a gorgeous drive in-between lakes and swamps. When you come to a dead end at a lake, turn left down a city street and follow it straight to the Old Courthouse.

Driving time from Fruitland Park:

About 30 minutes, most of it is 45-50 mph and you won’t want to go faster, the roads are narrow and the scenery is delightful Old Florida ranches and farms.

Sights to See:

One trip we spotted horses, cows, goats, donkeys, wild turkeys, deer, a fox squirrel, roadside sandhill cranes, a coyote and a bicyclist.

Image of patron throwing darts at Joyce's

The patron throwing darts at Joyce’s Courtside Pub in Inverness is Niki Pewsey, owner of the Fruitland Park Cafe.

Reasons to Go:

At Joyce’s you get to meet and chat with interesting people—lawyers, city planners, county administrators, judges, a restaurant owner and gourmet chef, a couple servers, an Internet geek, a history teacher and Civil War re-enactor, a locksmith from Wales with the most breathtaking photos on his smart phone, a physical therapist whose career took him to Scotland for many years and a Scottish wife, a professional wild boar hunter and guide, and a Merchant Marine supertanker chief engineer. And that’s just off the top of my head.

Interesting people, fun conversations, friendly, relaxed atmosphere, and Tuesday nights, Mike the bartender puts Big Bang Theory on the big  screen TV. Darts. Chess. Cards. And really good craft brews.

Drink like a local means sensibly.


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