“Kids Over 90″ Get Free Breakfast at Fruitland Park Cafe

Image of Mr. Mac birthday party

Charlie MaNeeley, “Mr. Mac,” celebrated his 90th with a Breakfast Party at Fruitland Park Cafe. His gift? Free breakfast for life.

Fruitland Park — August 30, 2013 — Fruitland Park resident Charlie “Mr. Mac” MacNeeley celebrated his 90th birthday with a breakfast at Fruitland Park Café recently.

That wasn’t so unusual—most days, “Mac” is the café’s first customer, arriving at 6 a.m. and often turning on the café’s “Open” sign. And most days, he’s quickly surrounded by friends and acquaintances at the café’s popular group table.

To honor his birthday, the café pledged free breakfast for life.

Mr. Mac, of course, immediately thought of his fellow nanogenarians, so Fruitland Park Cafe instituted a new policy:

“From now on anyone over the age of 90 can eat breakfast at Fruitland Park Café and it’s on Mr. Mac’s check,” café owner Niki Pewsey announced.

Image of Mac MacNeeley

“Mr. Nac” MacNeely of Fruitland Park celebrated his 90th birthday recently with a breakfast party at Fruitland Park Cafe.

In case you haven’t made his acquaintance yet, he the guy on the right.

“By the time you get to be 90 years old you’ve learned to eat sensibly,” Pewsey said.

Mac’s regular breakfast is a toasted whole wheat English Muffin, two eggs fried hard, a dab of cream cheese and a cup of coffee friends keep almost full. And under normal circumstances his bill would be $2.68, including tax. But not anymore.

“Mr. Mac gets free breakfast for life,” Pewsey said.

And while free breakfasts for 90-year olds might seem like a publicity stunt, Pewsey said Fruitland Park Café is braced for a lot of giveaways: a recent report from The Villages—four miles away—lists 950 residents aged 90 or more.

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