Commissioner Goldberg New Vice Mayor

Image of Commissioner Goldberg

Commissioner Al Goldberg was elected Vice Mayor by city commissioners.

Fruitland Park — City commissioners elected Commissioner Al Goldberg Vice Mayor last week to serve a one-year term.

When Mayor Chris Bell nominated Goldberg for the post, outgoing Vice Mayor Sharon Kelly immediately seconded. After the laughter died, city attorney Scott Gerken corrected the intentional honor—a mayor cannot offer motions or nominations.

Commissioner John Gunter, the longest-serving member of the board, nominated Goldberg instead and Kelly again seconded.

The vice mayor serves in the mayor’s absence and also co-signs city checks. For the past 10 years, the position of vice mayor has rotated among the four commission seats.

Kelly, elected last year, took the reins as mayor two weeks ago while Bell joined a mission excursion to Nicaragua to build a freshwater well.

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