$29,000 Deal a Win-Win-Win for City Library

Image of library entrance

The Fruitland Park Library on Berckman St. is about to expand.

Fruitland Park, Fla. — A deal to spend $28,969 for a 40-foot wide strip of land bordering the Fruitland Park Library on Berckman Street could turn into a win-win-win for the expanding facility.

Commissioners voted to enlarge the 7,000-square foot library facility last July when Library Director Jo-Ann Glendinning landed a $250,000 grant from Lake County Library Impact Fees, which are collected from developers.

Glendinning initially planned to build out from the south end of the library building on land the city already owns.

Community Services Director Charlie Rector told commissioners the 40-foot wide strip along the building’s west side will save the project enough money to increase the size of the building addition by 30 to 50 percent.

“By relocating the addition to the west side, we won’t have to move the electrical service or utilities that serve the building,” Rector told city commissioners.

The expansion will add approximately 1,100 square feet of space to the 7,000-square foot library facility and includes purchase of seven laptop computers and additional audio-visual equipment.

Glendinning said the new space will be used for library programs including computer classes, Children’s Story Time, AARP Tax Aid sessions, Book and Chess Club meetings and Friday Afternoon Movies.

The library has outgrown its current program room, which only seats about 25 people.

“Library patrons have learned not to visit on Wednesday mornings when we have Children’s Story Time because the main library room is packed with up to 40 children,” Glendinning said.

For more information contact the Fruitland Park Library at 352-360-6561.

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