Octogenarian “Mr. Mac” MacNeeley Looks Forward to Villages Development

Image of Mac MacNeeley

“Mr. Nac” MacNeely of Fruitland Park celebrated his 90th birthday recently with a breakfast party at Fruitland Park Cafe.

Fruitland Park – for nanogenarian “Mr. Mac” MacNeeley of Fruitland Park, the proposed Villages of Fruitland Park can’t start development soon enough. He knows it will be a long time before the dust settles.

He hopes enough dust will settle across his property to substantially increase its value.

“This whole north side of 466A is going commercial,” Mac said. “Some of it already has. The next few years it’ll all change around here. It’s hard to say how much but I stand to gain,” he explained.

Mac wasn’t hoping development would come his way. Most afternoons you can find him working in his open air wood shop or coaxing a rabbit-sized fox squirrel that owns the several pine trees behind his shop.

“I didn’t ask for it, but who’s going to stop it?” he said. “Might as well make the best of it.”

The former pilot has owned and operated a public golf course, a private airport and a commercial farm in the past and still prides himself on his skill with a bulldozer. He recently celebrated his 90th birthday with friends at Fruitland Park Cafe.

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