City Commissions Study of Proposed Villages of Fruitland Park Project

Image of Charlie Rector

Community Development Director Charlie Rector

Fruitland Park — City Commissioners recently voted to spend $3,400 to study the potential impacts of development on the Pine Ridge Dairy site, located along the western edge of the city bordering the Sumter County line adjacent to The Villages.

Community Development Director Charlie Rector said the city commissioned LPG Urban & Regional Planning and Consulting in Mount Dora to conduct the Impact Analysis, which would identify infrastructure needs and costs the city might encounter if development is eventually approved at the site.

Rector said the Pine Ridge Dairy site, which includes 987 acres, could accommodate as many as 3,500 low-density, medium-density and multi-family housing units under current city ordinance.

Rector asked city commissioners to approve the Impact Analysis after meeting with officials from The Villages, who are considering whether to acquire almost two-thirds of the property.

“They are doing their due diligence now to determine whether acquisition and development of approximately 620 acres of the Pine Ridge Dairy site would be feasible,” Rector said.

If The Villages decide to move forward, the city will negotiate certain requirements before approving development, including zoning changes, Rector explained. If development is approved, it will mark the first time The Villages has developed in Fruitland Park.

“The purpose of the Impact Analysis is to help city commissioners understand what development of this site will mean to the city for the next 15 years,” Rector said.

Rector said Villages officials have not yet determined how to develop the site, if they choose to acquire it.

“All our conversations are very preliminary at this stage. So far they have talked about a development density that is substantially less than the maximum potential for the site but we won’t discuss facts and figures until we have a conceptual development proposal we can look at,” Rector said.

The regular meeting of the Fruitland Park City Commission starts tonight at 7 p.m.

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