Fruitland Park Starts Search for City Manager, Clerk, Treasurer

Image of Mayor Bell

Mayor Rick Bell

Fruitland Park, Fla. — City commissioners held a special meeting Thursday night to hear proposals to launch a nationwide search for candidates for Fruitland Park City Manager, City Clerk and City Finance Director.

Two executive recruiting firms that specialize in public sector hiring—Colin Baenziger & Associates of Wellington, currently evaluating applicants for Leesburg City Manager, and Bob Murray & Associates of Tallahassee—presented proposals to find candidates to fill all three positions.

Mayor Chris Bell said a search would take at least 80 days to complete and could cost the city an estimated $50,000.

Commissioner Chris Cheshire reported he reviewed more than two dozen resumes commissioners had previously considered and identified several that are worth a second look. In addition, Cheshire said, the city had received a handful of new resumes over the past 10 days.

Commissioners voted to delay any new recruitment effort until they can evaluate current resumes.

Commissioners also appointed Marie Azzolino Acting City Manager. Azzolino formerly served as chief aide to the City Manager.
Commissioners directed Police Chief Terry Isaacs to provide Azzolino with resource assistance and technical support. Isaacs holds a B.S. Degree in Public Administration and served as Interim City Manager until the resolution appointing him expired two weeks ago.



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