Sgt. Beckie Sirolli Cited for Help Netting Top Child Porn Distributor

Image of Sgt. Sirolli award

Sgt. Becky Sirolli cited for launching child porn probe that nets world’s biggest offender

Fruitland Park — Fruitland Park City Commissioners and Fruitland Park Police Chief and Acting City Manager Terry Isaacs honored Fruitland Park Police Sergeant Beckie Sirolli for her role in launching the investigation that resulted in the April 4 arrest of Leesburg resident John Edward Shearen, 51, regarded as one of the world’s leading distributors of child pornography.

Isaacs, who introduced Sirolli, explained to commissioners that Fruitland Park Police Department is one of only two Lake County law enforcement agencies that operate a special computer program that can track local Internet distribution of child pornography.

Issacs told commissioners the system, on a dedicated computer in a closet at the police department, creates a circular perimeter around the city that includes some parts of adjoining Leesburg, Lady Lake and Lake County.

In February Sirolli, who was specially trained for the work and the sole officer assigned to the detail, detected a local “hit” nearby in Leesburg and initiated an investigation. After a month of work to establish probable cause, she notified Florida Department of Law Enforcement officials.

A month later, armed with a subpoenas and search warrant, investigators zeroed in on Shearen’s computer, which FDLE investigators have said contain more than one million offending images.
Isaacs said Interpol, the international law enforcement agency, has joined the investigation of what Interpol claims is one of the world’s leading distributors of child pornography.

“Sgt. Sirolli’s diligent work in this area deserves a medal,” Isaac said. “These aren’t pictures of 15 and 16-year old people, these are two and three-year old people, this is bad stuff. I admire her for being able to do this,” he said.”
Fruitland Park’s monitoring system has resulted in more than five child pornography cases, Isaacs said, including one arrest of a new Fruitland Park resident less than 30 days after he moved to the city—and next door to a family with young children.

“We are all very proud of our little computer in the closet and we are especially proud that Sgt. Sirolli’s effort has broken one of the most prolific child pornography distribution links in Florida,” Isaacs said.
Sirolli was presented with a commemorative plaque and a standing ovation from commissioners and members of the audience at Thursday’s Fruitland Park City Commission meeting.

Isaacs said the computer program was paid for with grant monies and costs the city nothing.

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